Dyno: A versatile bot with features like moderation tools, music playback, custom commands, and auto-moderation.

MEE6: A popular bot for leveling, moderation, and automating tasks like custom commands, welcome messages, and more.

Tatsumaki: This bot offers a leveling system, customizable profiles, achievements, and social interactions for your server members.

Dank Memer: Known for its meme-related commands, this bot brings fun features like currency, image manipulation, and games.

Rythm: A dedicated music bot that allows you to play high-quality music from popular platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and more.

YAGPDB.xyz: A powerful bot that lets you create custom commands, automod, and moderation tools for your server.

Poll Bot: A bot specifically designed for creating polls and surveys, allowing your community to vote and express their opinions easily.

Groovy: Another music bot that provides a seamless music experience with support for popular platforms and advanced features.

MedalBot: This bot allows users to record and share gameplay clips, GIFs, and videos directly in Discord.

Carl-bot: A versatile bot that offers features like reaction roles, logging, moderation tools, and custom commands for your server.

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