LeBron James has a photographic memory and is known for his ability to recall specific plays and details from past games.

In addition to basketball, LeBron James is a talented football player and was highly recruited in high school for his football skills.

LeBron James is a published author and has written a children's book titled "I PROMISE" which focuses on the importance of education and teamwork.

LeBron James is a huge fan of the "Harry Potter" series and has read all the books multiple times.

LeBron James is a skilled pianist and often plays the instrument to relax and unwind.

LeBron James holds a small ownership stake in the Liverpool Football Club, demonstrating his interest and investment in various sports.

LeBron James is a dedicated philanthropist and has opened a public school called the "I PROMISE School"

 In his hometown of Akron, Ohio, providing education and support to at-risk students.

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