Nikola Jokić began his basketball career as a point guard before experiencing a growth spurt that transformed him into a dominant center.

Jokić is an accomplished horseback rider and often enjoys horseback riding during his downtime.

He is an avid chess player and has a keen strategic mind, often incorporating chess principles into his basketball game.

Jokić is a talented juggler and can juggle a variety of objects with impressive dexterity.

He has a passion for cooking and is known to experiment with different recipes, often sharing his culinary creations with teammates.

Jokić is fluent in several languages, including Serbian, English, and Spanish.

He is an avid fan of comic books and superhero movies, with a particular fondness for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Jokić is actively involved in charitable efforts, especially in his native Serbia, where he has supported various initiatives to improve children's access to education and sports.

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